Day 1 Oost-Eeklo - Amiens 310 km

The day started smooth. I could hide in a group for almost 100 km and so the headwind was not my concern. But of course with my limited power, everytime if i have to climb a hill ( not a mountain ) i ...
P8180026.JPG P8180029.JPG P8180033.JPG P8180038.JPG P8180042.JPG P8190049.JPG P8190051.JPG P8190056.JPG P8190057.JPG P8190062.JPG P8190074.JPG P8190078.JPG P8190081.JPG P8190090.JPG P8190099.JPG P8190100.JPG P8190101.JPG P8190103.JPG P8190105.JPG
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Day 2 Amiens - Paris 295 km

If somebody asked me before "are you ready for this adventure" i would have answered " off course this is not my first cycling journey ". Today after 2 days and over 600 km later i know better. Leavin...
P8200116.JPG P8200122.JPG P8200123.JPG P8210128.JPG
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Aug, 21

No story found.
P8210004.JPG P8210006.JPG P8210008.JPG P8210014.JPG P8210018.JPG P8210020.JPG
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Aug, 22

Day 3 Noisy le grand - Bar-le Duc 350 km 2.800 height meters -----------------------------------------------------. After a day of rest and a very short night, the race started at 2:00 in de morning, ...
P8220029.JPG P8220032.JPG P8220035.JPG P8220036.JPG P8220037.JPG Q68928976_675998276212026_4866927266174599168_N.JPG Q69150921_378909192728732_3477139470539554816_N.JPG Q69251101_915940978773421_8957529731784245248_N.JPG
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Day 4 Bar le Duc - Belfort 320 km 3450 Height meters

After a day of rest, used for washing clothes, eating lot of steak and resting we started the "Queen stage" at 4:00 o clock in the morning. Everybody seemed wide-awake, but if 56 cylists equipped with...
Q68629973_2362415640640007_5709917166128594944_N.JPG Q69142909_410665086239018_8873184279262134272_N.JPG Q69213077_2419834838083092_2149338549885861888_N.JPG Q69251101_2940861799277218_4044317729069465600_N.JPG
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Day 8 Belfort - Straatsburg 170 km 400 height meters

With slight numb hands i will try to express a feeling that is hard to explain if you were not a cyclist in this "Heroic tours" The rest day in Belfort was used for most cyclist to rest and to have n...
P8260007.JPG P8260031.JPG P8260032.JPG P8260034.JPG P8260037.JPG P8260039.JPG P8260044.JPG P8260046.JPG P8260048.JPG P8260053.JPG P8260060.JPG P8260064.JPG P8260069.JPG P8260073.JPG P8260075.JPG P8260076.JPG P8260082.JPG P8260083.JPG P8260085.JPG P8260090.JPG P8260091.JPG P8260097.JPG P8260098.JPG P8260099.JPG P8260101.JPG P8260106.JPG P8260109.JPG P8260110.JPG P8260111.JPG P8260114.JPG P8260120.JPG P8260121.JPG P8260124.JPG P8260126.JPG P8260127.JPG P8260128.JPG P8260129.JPG P8260131.JPG P8260134.JPG
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Day 9 Straatsburg - Luxemburg 296 km 2200 height meters

Rob and i got company from Rudi. Rudi had to stop cycling after Paris because of problems with his knee and i told him at the start that if he cycled like this turtle he would easily reach the finish ...
P8270012.JPG P8270013.JPG P8270015.JPG P8270019.JPG P8270021.JPG P8270028.JPG P8270035.JPG P8270038.JPG P8270040.JPG P8270043.JPG P8270048.JPG P8270052.JPG P8270054.JPG P8270068.JPG P8270071.JPG P8270076.JPG P8270078.JPG P8270080.JPG P8270084.JPG P8270090.JPG P8270101.JPG P8270102.JPG P8270105.JPG P8280113.JPG
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Day 11 Luxemburg - Brussel 314 Km 3000 height meters

In luxemburg we had a rest day. I don't need to tell you again that food and sleep are the most important things on these days. And thursday morning 05:30 every body was ready at the start for the las...
P8290040.JPG P8290042.JPG P8290046.JPG P8290047.JPG P8290050.JPG P8290052.JPG P8290056.JPG P8290057.JPG P8290058.JPG P8300065.JPG Q OMELET.JPG
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